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Ten ways you can use business funding for growth

At Cashsolv, we’re in the business of powering growth. Via emergency business loans, asset-based finance and invoice factoring and discounting, we help our customers overcome cash flow problems and give their companies the stability to succeed. Business funding for growthBut being able to borrow from us is only half the story. What can you do with the business funding we provide?

1 Invest in marketing

A well-branded business is a growing business. Effective marketing is crucial to reaching your target audience and persuading them to choose your company over your competitors.

2 Hire the best people

Any business is only as good as its people. To be the best, you need to hire the best, and the most gifted people are in huge demand. Invest in the right talent today and you can look forward to the rewards tomorrow.

3 Buy at the best price

Sometimes bulk deals come along just when you can’t afford them. With the right business funding, you can pounce when the price is right and substantially reduce the cost of fulfilling each order.

4 Beat the currency speculators

If you buy from overseas, you need to be able to act fast when sterling is strong. The wild fluctuations in exchange rates since late 2015 demonstrate just what a difference timing can make.

5 Stock up when you win new customers

Winning new accounts is great news for your business but bad news for your cash flow, as you will need to pay for stock before you get paid. With finance at your fingertips, this will not be a problem and you will never need to miss an opportunity.

6 Improve your premises or plant

If smarter premises or more sophisticated equipment will give you the edge, you need to give it some thought. It’s a big financial commitment to make, but if you know your market it could end up paying dividends.

7 Get a great website

An eye-catching website can act as a very effective shop window. Have your site professionally designed and written and you will end up with a powerful weapon with which to beat your competitors.

8 Sharpen your corporate image

You might associate the phrase “corporate image” with multinationals, but how you present yourself says a lot about the kind of business you are. Getting the right logo for your letterheads and vehicles can quickly give you the edge.

9 Pay down more expensive debt

Interest rates may be at a historic low, but that doesn’t mean some businesses aren’t paying through the nose for credit. If you can use borrowing at a lower interest rate to pay off borrowing at a higher rate, you instantly create extra cash flow.

10 Protect yourself against cash flow problems

This isn’t strictly a way of investing for growth – but since an insurmountable cash flow problem can close your business down, it’s vital that you have a contingency plan in place in case things go wrong.

To discover how Cashsolv can provide the finance to do all the above and a great deal more, please visit our business loans page.

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