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Short term business loans - How we helped a recruitment firm invest for growth

Short term business loans

‘Cash is king’. ‘Speculate to accumulate’. Whilst both these terms are sometimes considered clichés and what one might expect to hear from an unscrupulous sales person, there is an element of truth in these when considering a company’s cashflow. 

At Cashsolv, we have helped a number of companies overcome short-term financial problems by providing short term business loans. This was indeed the case for a recruitment company based in Essex, who needed funding for a marketing campaign.

The recruitment company who had been trading consistently for many years with a proven and successful track record, approached us to enquire about our short term business loans. The sector they were within had become increasingly competitive over the last few years and the company was looking for ways to give them the edge in order to remain successful.

Short term business loans for long-term security

With Cashsolv’s help, they were able to secure a one month loan of £20k to fund a strategic sales and marketing campaign, which would help drive sales and raise brand awareness. The cash injection from tailored business finance was vital in maintaining the business levels they were used to and in order for them to secure future profitability.

At Cashsolv, we realise that nobody can predict the future, but companies must evolve, and sometimes that means reinvesting in business premises, staff and marketing in order to avoid unforeseen and critical market shifts.

We provide cashflow solutions, not fly by night cash on a whim

We are able to provide short term business loans from £20,000 - £250,000 in your bank account within 24 hours without going through arduous and unnecessary obstacles. We are not loan sharks or pawnbrokers, nor do we sell pay day loans. We offer best advice and cashflow solutions based on your individual business needs and that vital cash injection which could help you solve your immediate cashflow problems.

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Alternatively you can Download our Guidance Paper on emergency loans.

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