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A long term business loan could be the answer

Get the long term funding you need to overcome immediate cash flow problems

A long term business loan can be vital in helping your business survive a difficult period and maintain projected business growth and momentum. However, accessing long-term finance can be hard, as short-term cash flow problems can reduce lender confidence and make funding a problem. We have relationships with lenders who take a different view and are willing to look beyond short-term problems and provide a long term business loan to companies with a sound future.

When should you consider a long term business loan?

A business loan can be a secured or unsecured loan of cash to a business from a lender. Business loan arrangements can be short, medium or long-term and may be interest only or repayment.

If you need to buy capital equipment, buildings, other businesses, or undertake construction projects, a long-term business loan is the way to go. Long term business loans are primarily asset-based and can provide you with the funding you need to run your business. A long term business loan should not run longer than the life of the asset you are funding.

What type of business loan should I consider over a longer term?

We have a panel of asset-based lenders who we have specifically chosen to work with and they offer a range of different long term business loan solutions. By accessing alternative sources of finance, they're frequently able to assist businesses even if they've been turned down by the banks. They look at the overall long-term picture and offer a relationship based service. This can be vital in helping your business survive a turbulent time and maintain projected business growth and momentum. We appreciate that many businesses go through short-term financial problems, which once overcome will get them back on track.

The benefits of using asset-based finance as your long term business funding solution:

  • Long term loan options available

  • Can grow with your business

  • Relationship-based service

  • Not equity or unsecured loans

  • Reputable lenders who we have chosen to work with

  • May qualify under the Government Enterprise Guarantee Scheme

What is your next step to achieve longer term funding?

Do not ignore the problem that a form of new funding could help. The sooner you act, the sooner we can offer you advice which could help you. Simply contact us now to find a quick solution and relieve the immediate financial pressure. Let us help you so you can get back to making your business work.

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