Free Cash Flow
Creditor Cashplan™

Free cash flow by entering a creditor cashplan

Get relief from creditor pressure now.

If you are under pressure from trade creditors, a creditor cashplan could well be the answer to your cashflow problems. If you have non essential suppliers chasing you for overdue payment, a cashplan could help you free cash flow and relieve you of that pressure, so that you can get your business back on track.

How does it work?

We will help you identify which creditors are suitable to enter into the plan, without disrupting your business. On a confidential basis we will then write to those creditors advising them of the cashplan, which will result in us dealing with them on your behalf. You pay us one monthly payment, which we use to settle the cashplan creditors, over 10 months.

Why is this good for me?

  • Immediate relief from hassling phone calls

  • Gives you the space to get your business back on track

  • Entirely confidential

  • No need to involve key suppliers

  • Low cost

  • Free cash flow quickly

  • Backed by reputable and trustworthy financial services group

  • We work for you

Need to free cash flow quickly – what’s your next move?

When the cashflow problem is immediate, there is no ignoring it. Contact us now to find a quick solution and relieve the immediate financial pressure so you can get back to making your business work - the way forward, made brighter.

For free confidential advice, you can trust, call 01489 550 440 or request a callback below from a cashflow expert.

Let us show you what Cashsolv can do for your business.

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