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Use our business loan calculator to find out exactly how our emergency business loans can improve your cashflow within 24hrs.

To get a fast and transparent quotation on how little our quick business loans cost, simply adjust the business loan calculator slider to see how the cost of your loan could change based on your required loan amount and preferred repayment period.

Loan amount


Repayment period

Monthly loan repayment = £ Total loan repayment = £

No hidden fees - what you see is exactly what you pay.

Our business loan calculator gives you a better understanding of how much it could cost to take out a small business loan to cover an emergency, whilst ensuring you do not continue to suffer as a business from a one off cashflow emergency.

Our transparent business loan calculator shows no hidden costs

Cashsolv offer a service to provide fast business loans to help deal with immediate cashflow problems, which in turn can help to avoid future disasters.

Repayment of the loan is typically required in fixed monthly installments for the duration of the loan. Our business loan calculator shows our charges are a straightforward 10% of the borrowing amount per month and this covers all our necessary arrangement fees and interest charges which reduce each month.

As a result there is no requirement to calculate complex interest rates and we do not have daily charges. A Casholv Loan is completely transparent. 

Borrow between £20,000 and £250,000 in an emergency

Our short term emergency business loans from £20,000 to £250,000 are there to help you through a critical time in your business. With our business loan calculator you can see how varying amounts between these values will alter your repayment amount.

Do you have a requirement for a quick injection of cash into your business? Do you need to cover the cost of employee salaries whilst waiting for payment to come in from a significant client?

Perhaps you need to purchase necessary new equipment for expansion of the business or you need to purchase more stock to cover fulfilment of your orders in the short-term? Use our business loan calculator to see how little these loans can cost your business for a limited period.

Any one of these scenarios mentioned above can mean your business may be suffering short-term cashflow problems where you need cash fast in order to avoid problems escalating and future business failure.

By opting for a short term business loan to get you over an immediate financial hurdle you can be safe in the knowledge that payments will only be limited to a minimal period of time. This is why our business loan calculator shows that we ideally limit our short term loans up to a maximum 3 month repayment period.

As cash flow specialists we do not want to tie you in to long term, high interest, repayments.

The process of arranging an emergency loan with Cashsolv

See how transparent our costs are and consider the lending period appropriate for your situation. Following this, if you would like to go ahead and receive a fast decision on a loan being accepted for an emergency loan contact us via our online form or by calling us direct.

With a Cashsolv Loan you could have the funds in your bank within 24 hours of first contacting us.

At first we would ideally like to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss and understand your circumstances. We will be able to give you an immediate decision on whether we feel a short term loan is appropriate to your business.

Our approval process is intentionally simple and unlike most banks we do not require an application or business plan. These requirements can often lead to delays in securing the necessary funds.

At Cashsolv we have the knowledge and flexibility to look at each case on its individual merits and we are not governed by checklists or complex lending criteria used by banks.

It is important for us to understand the company’s financial position, so reasonably up-to-date accounts will be helpful. Supporting documents will also help to show the source of repayments.

For security we ask that the business is a Limited company (not sole trader/partnership) and that you can provide a Personal Guarantee to support the loan.

What next? Used our business loan calculator and require a fast decision?

Call one of our advisors today in confidence on 08080 42 42 42 to discuss any questions that you may have or to begin the loan process, or use our online application form and we can get back to you confidentially at an appropriate time.

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