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Quick and easy business finance solutions

There are many types of business finance solutions available, and as a business owner you will be responsible for finding the most appropriate solution for your business. Business finance solutions can be invaluable, and at some point all businesses will require some financial help.

At Cashsolv we offer proven business finance solutions without all of the time-consuming red tape which are perfect for emergencies; such as short term business loans, asset based finance, or invoice discounting and factoring. Each of which provides an immediate answer to your short term cash flow needs.

Many businesses will rely on bank overdrafts to fund their finances, with quick and easy access to funds it can seem like the best option. However, banks are able and well known to pull this facility when they choose with many businesses struggling to recover following the set-up of a large overdraft facility.

When your bank fails to support your business finance needs, our experts at Cashsolv can quickly assess your options and help to advise, assess and find affordable business finance solutions for your individual circumstances.

Cashsolv business finance solutions

Short term business loans in an emergency
Cashsolv offer emergency business finance solutions in the form of a short term business loan between £20,000 and £250,000. Our short term business loans are developed for viable small, medium, and growing limited companies and are repayable over a period of between one to three months. Loans will be paid into your bank account within 24 hours, ideal for last minute unexpected purchase requirements or unaffordable creditor payments.

The Cashsolv short term business loan is there to help you when an unexpected opportunity presents itself or when things do not quite go to plan. As part of our business finance solutions portfolio, the short term business loan was designed specifically for SME finance and so is ideal funding for small businesses or medium sized companies alike.

You could be short of cash due to an unexpected bill or it could be that one of your customers does not pay on time. You could be in the process of refinancing, seeking alternative business lending which is delayed, or there might be a fantastic business opportunity that you just can’t miss.

The Cashsolv loan is flexible for all of these outcomes and is designed to ease your short term, urgent cash flow needs. So, if you are short of funds an emergency loan could solve your immediate financial problem. Short term business loans are business finance solutions that will get you over a small hurdle and ensure you do not suffer an unnecessary financial difficulty.

Asset based finance
Asset based finance is available as part of your longer term business finance solutions. Our cash flow experts review your company’s property, plant, machinery or stock and lend against these assets. Asset based finance is often used to help grow your business where you can raise money for MBI/MBO’s or refinancing without surrendering equity, or fund expensive equipment or vehicle purchases that will not realise returns in the short term.

Asset finance allows you to get much more value from your existing assets. So if you are planning on growing, buying, refinancing or expanding, we can provide the right business finance solutions to get you there.

Invoice Finance
Both invoice factoring and invoice discounting are perfect business finance solutions when you need improved cash flow to keep up with your business growth, or to combat distressed situations.

This financing method provides you with an advance of up to 85% of your sales invoice’s value immediately, to be repaid when the debt is collected from your customer, either in the normal course of business or by the lender. Generally, businesses prefer discounting (remaining in control of chasing the debt from the customer), but if credit control is a problem for you and you would rather pass it to someone else to deal with then factoring may be the preferred option, particularly as in these cases an intermediary will usually help to drive the situation.

Who are these business finance solutions available to?

Small and medium-sized businesses can find it difficult to obtain business finance solutions quickly through traditional methods like the bank. Our business finance solutions are available to every limited company which is fundamentally viable and we can see how the loan is to be repaid.

We are a reputable business that wants to help other businesses to overcome short term Cashflow problems. The Cashsolv ethos is that by providing business finance solutions, we can help you overcome a problem that could otherwise put your business at risk.

How do I choose the right business finance solutions?

Whatever your business requirement we offer you a free, impartial and confidential initial consultation to assess your needs and the business finance solutions available to you.

We work to gain a thorough understanding of your business and cash flow needs to be able to provide the most appropriate funding solution for your circumstances.
There are no long complicated forms to complete and the process is straight forward and jargon free.

After an initial confidential discussion with us and a review of some basic information provided about the business you get an immediate answer in principle for a short term business loan and following completion of the simple company loan agreement form and the provision of a personal guarantee by the directors, the loan is approved and in your bank account, all within 24 hours. An asset based funding solution can be agreed sooner, but will typically take 2-3 weeks and invoice financing takes 3-4 weeks to process and have the funds available.

For further useful information on our business finance solutions, view the following relevant guides:

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