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Quick business loans can save the day

Are you a company director in need of a quick cash injection?

At Cashsolv, we have been approached by many directors who need business loans quickly.

quick business loansWe are aware that it is almost impossible to obtain quick funding from banks. Their procedures can sometimes be cumbersome and do not always allow for decisions to be made promptly. When a business owner is in need of cash quickly, it can be a daunting and stressful time. At the best of times, who wants to fill in pages and pages of questions? It certainly won’t be a business owner who may be struggling to save his company.

Quick business loans v bank loans

When applying for bank loans, you will need to produce detailed cash flow forecasts and provide up to date accounts which some directors may not be able to provide quickly. There may also be a cost implication to producing this which the company cannot afford. Even peer-to-peer lenders require this type of information and require borrowers to put forward a case to the lenders.

Here at Cashsolv, we are sympathetic to the fact that business owners may not always have time on their side and that a delay in obtaining funds can make the difference between the survival and demise of a company. We are able to provide quick business loans within 24 hours.       

Quick business loans even with cash flow problems

We lend to companies that are viable but are suffering from short term cash flow problems. We also provide funding for small and medium size businesses for other purposes, such as for the acquisition of stock or supplies, to bridge a property acquisition, to purchase new equipment or to accommodate an increase in the production.

The advantages to short term business loans are that the company will only have to make the repayments for a limited period of time and you will pay less interest compared to repaying the loan over a longer period.

At Cashsolv you can speak to one of our experienced trained staff from the outset. Our staff ask the right questions so that we can tailor a loan to suit your requirements. We understand that every scenario is unique and what may suit one situation, does not necessarily suit another.

Alternatively you can also use one new online business loan application which allows you to enter basic details in your own time. This will again save time as our loan team will have prior knowledge of your circumstances before we call you back.

How a quick business loan can help

If you are considering a loan and need the funds quickly, here are a few examples of the business loans that we have made in recent months:-

  • To pay employees’ wages.
  • To pay rent as the landlord was threatening distraint proceedings.
  • To pay VAT arrears.
  • Purchase of stock to fulfil a significant order.
  • Purchase of new equipment.
  • Provided working capital to cover spike in seasonal trade.
  • Provided working capital to a touring theatre company.
  • Purchase of an engine to enable a boat builder to delivery boat to customer.
  • Bridging finance for property acquisitions.

We provide business finance support to any size of business in any industry. Our one to three month loan can be paid at the end of the term, or you can opt for a one – twelve month loan which is paid back in monthly instalments.

We pride ourselves on always being able to find a solution to a financial problem. So if you want honest and straightforward advice then contact us at Cashsolv.

For further information Download our Guidance Paper on 'How short term business loans can help your business finance problems', or view the following relevant pages:

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