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We have made our business loans affordable and straighforward, with fixed rates, flexible loan terms from 1 to 12 months and as we lend our own money - we are able to help businesses when other providers can’t - and have the money in your bank fast, within 24hrs. A quick online application for a business loan with Cashsolv will not affect your credit rating, so why not see if you qualify? Our quick business loans are designed specifically to meet an emergency so you won't be left waiting around.

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Fast business loans - money in your bank account within 24 hours

Unlike most lenders, we do not use a standard credit scoring system so we can provide fast business loans when others may not. We assess all applications ourselves to ensure the repayments are affordable for you and can tailor the business loan to your specific circumstances - and provide it as quick as you need it. Need cash fast and in an emergency? We can help. Get an online quote now.

Are short term business loans right for you?

There are sometimes instances when fast, instant business loans are required due to a circumstantial cashflow problem when the underlying business is fundamentally sound or possibly you have a new opportunity and need the funding to fulfil it. Eitherway - we can provide the short term finance you need, tailored to meet your needs and affordability. Our short term finance can be repaid between one and three months with terms extended at any time.

Cashsolv business loan benefits:

  • Flexible loan terms available from 1 to 12 months

  • Loan can be used for many different    circumstances - it’s up to you

  • We can say yes when others can’t

  • Loan term can be extended if you struggle to meet your repayments

  • Loans available within 24 hours

  • Choose when you repay your loan

  • Applications will not affect your credit rating


Why the bank says no and Cashsolv say yes

There are a few reasons why a traditional bank will refuse small business loans, yet alternative lenders, such as ourselves are able to take a more flexible approach to lending.

Cashflow problems

Banks: When you cannot demonstrate a steady revenue stream your bank may worry about meeting repayments and interest charges. Banks will also be concerned about debts with other lenders in terms of your ability to meet repayments and many will not consider a business loan where outstanding finance arrangements are in place.

Alternative lenders: However alternative lenders, such as Cashsolv, can see past current cashflow problems and take a more reasoned view of affordability and what the future holds.

Lack of security

Banks: Business loans from banks demand substantial security, which may not be a problem for larger companies with significant assets such as buildings, land and plant, but SMEs and start-ups can find this to be a huge barrier.

Alternative lenders: Cashsolv provide business loans to small businesses without substantial assets. We provide the funding ourselves so the funds can be in your account within 24 hours.

Poor credit rating

Banks: Your business may simply fail to meet credit score standards imposed by the bank. Following the financial collapse in 2008 lending criteria has been tightened to avoid future problems, but unfortunately smaller businesses and start-ups are suffering without building up a positive credit rating.

Alternative lenders: Business loans from Cashsolv are not based on credit score and loan terms can be extended if you struggle to meet repayments.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is the business loan application process?

We will want to meet with you to discuss and understand the circumstances and will normally be able to give you an immediate answer in principle as to whether we feel that short term business loans are appropriate. We have a standard business loan agreement that can be completed at the meeting. We may then need to make further enquiries, following which the loan can be approved.

We will require a personal guarantee, and that may involve separate legal advice which we can arrange for you. If the loan is approved and the documentation is completed, we can provide the funds within 24 hours.

How long does it take to get the business loan?

From initial telephone contact through to money in the bank, our quick business loans can be completed within 24 hours.

What documents will I have to produce?

We will need to understand your financial position, so reasonably up-to-date accounts will be helpful. We will also need to understand how the business loan is to be repaid and supporting documents to show the source of repayment will assist.

In addition, we will have to carry out some identity checks to comply with the Money Laundering Regulations, so a photo ID and evidence of your address will be required.

What happens if I don’t repay the business loan?

The loan is being made to your company, but will also be personally guaranteed by you. Therefore, the first step is for you to be sure you can repay the business loan as agreed.

If you are unable to pay on the due date, we will look at the circumstances and seek to come to an amended agreement. If the situation cannot be resolved amicably, we will take enforcement steps against you and the company, and this could lead to personal bankruptcy.

Can the business loan be paid off early?

We would be delighted to accept early repayment, but the nature of the loan is that it is short term and specifically based on your circumstances, and the timing of repayment will be based on the anticipated source of repayment and is unlikely to vary by more than a few days.

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